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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

19 Jun 2020

Another ‘Mijn Melk’ brand hits the market

Another Mijn Melk brand we designed hits the market! Local milk, straight from dairy farm Oostdam to the supermarket. It meets the consumer demand for a pure, honest, and genuinely fresh dairy product at their local supermarket. Our team was happy to collaborate with Lely and Danny Klein yet again, from defining the proposition to executing the unique Oostdam identity and final label designs.

Mijn Melk is a platform for farmers with a heart for cows, people, and our environment. Their cows are allowed to follow their own rhythm at all times. Milking is left to the robots in the stables that recognize the animals. A mini dairy factory on the farm, the Lely Orbiter, processes the milk. Here it’s pasteurized, bottled, and labeled and when ready, brought directly to a local supermarket. Straight on, without the intervention of a large dairy factory. Mijn Melk has a unique taste depending on the farm, cow’s DNA, season, and food. A Pure, honest, and super fresh dairy product. Our packaging tells its story 🙂

We look forward to seeing more families added to the Mijn Melk catalog!


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