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What’s going on

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19 Jul 2019

Augmented Blueware at Dutch Design Award exhibition

The Dutch Design Award (DDA) organization choose Augmented Blueware – winner in category ‘Best Commissioning’ 2018 – for this year’s second exhibition in the gallery of Inntel Hotels Art in Eindhoven. For the next three months, you will have a chance to admire the unique Augmented Blueware concept, which we developed together with Royal Delft and Twnkls|Augmented Reality.

Our journey started with Royal Delft’s desire to bring a new tableware collection to market. Moving on an already full dining market, we came up with an extraordinary creative concept: the creation of exclusive tableware that uses the decoration of a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Delft Blue vase as the base. The crucial next step was finding the TWNKLS team that possessed the technical knowledge to develop an innovative scan method, translating this creative spark and bringing it to reality. Thanks to our close collaboration, a fusion of expertise and lots of effort from all three partners, we succeeded in realizing Augmented Blueware, a unique proposition in the tableware market.

Every hand-painted Royal Delft vase is a unique piece of Delft Blue craftsmanship. It is a fusion of Royal Delft DNA and the signature of the master painter. Every new piece is different, but always undeniably Royal Delft. A state-of-the-art, innovative 3D-scan process enables a specialist to remove the entire surface of a hand-painted Delft Blue vase and subsequently unfold like a flat, digital card. With this graphic decor, the Royal Delft designers can produce beautiful transfer reproductions, which are subsequently placed on tableware. This exclusive tableware could become extraordinary family tableware, a fantastic wedding gift or a unique presentation at restaurants.

Uniqueness is central in Augmented Blueware. Thanks to modern technology, the craftsmanship of master painters takes center stage.


Marcel can tell you all about this extraordinary project



19 Jul 2019

Augmented Blueware at Dutch Design Award exhibition

Augmented Blueware revealed

12 Jun 2019

New Moisture Absorber for Bolton Adhesives

06 Jun 2019

Creative Director Marcel Verkaik speaker at NIMA Marketing Day

17 May 2019

NL Packaging Award 2019 for ‘Mijn Melk’

NL Packaging Award 2019 for Mijn Melk

16 May 2019

Robin Hoenderdos keynote speaker Packaging Innovation Programme

Creative Director Robin Hoenderdos at PIP