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Reinventing a brand and saving lives

Reinventing a brand and saving lives
GIO iF Award Red Dot Design Award

Brand repositioning Lifehammer

We created an outstanding new product line for car safety products. The Lifehammer Evolution and the innovative Lifehammer Plus are the first introductions of this range. Designs that help to reposition the Lifehammer brand in the market.

A new standard in car safety

A new standard in car safety

When it comes to safety, only the best is good enough. The new, patented Lifehammer Evolution sets the standard in the world of safety hammers. Spark Design & Innovation invented this technical concept and validated it by means of prototyping and testing.

We were responsible for the contemporary design. Intuitive to use and guaranteed to work by using a strong, robust, ceramic hammerhead. One simple motion easily shatters a car window and allows for a swift escape.

Contemporary brand image

With the introduction of the Lifehammer Evolution and Plus, we created a contemporary brand image that is in line with the technical quality of the products. With the range’s striking and instantly recognizable styling we have put this brand back on the map.

The market reactions to the product launch were exceptionally positive. Lifehammers are built into a number of well-known car manufacturers’ newest models.

A new classic

The new Lifehammer PLUS is created to replace the 30-year-old design of the well-known original Lifehammer, a product that can be found in millions of cars worldwide.

We added new features to update the safety hammer to today’s standards. For example strong carbon steel is used for the hammerhead to break modern car, bus, train and truck windows easily. We also added a soft grip for maximum grip and the guide to cut the seatbelts has been enlarged for easy exit of the vehicle in an emergency situation.

At least two Lifehammers are recommended in every vehicle, especially when the vehicle is equipped with electric windows. Combining Lifehammer’s expertise in car safety with our design and engineering skills gives consumers the assurance that they have the best tools in case of an emergency.

Packaging design

Lifehammers products are also sold in retail channels around the world. Most of the time there won’t be a ‘slick’ salesman around to explain the benefits of the safety products. Therefore we developed packaging that act as a silent salesman on shelf.