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Our In-House Paper Pulp Prototyping Expertise

Our In-House Paper Pulp Prototyping Expertise

In-House Paper Pulp Prototyping

At FLEX/design, we understand the significance of offering sustainable alternatives to our clients. We’ve recognized that our clients have difficulty evaluating the potential of paper pulp concepts compared to traditional plastic or paper options. To bridge this gap and facilitate the transition to eco-friendly solutions, we have developed an in-house method for creating paper pulp prototypes in our prototyping workshop.

Paper Pulp: A Sustainable Substitute

As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, there is a rising demand for eco-friendly alternatives to replace conventional plastics. Paper pulp has emerged as a promising substitute for plastic materials in various applications. To demonstrate the potential of paper pulp for meeting our clients’ unique needs, we have established an in-house paper pulp prototyping method.


Accelerating Design Evaluation with Tangible Prototypes

Within the design phase, we can now swiftly produce tangible prototypes, offering both visual and tactile insights into their appearance and texture. This acceleration significantly expedites the overall design process.





Transforming Paper-fibers into prototypes

We create paper pulp using paper-fibers and shape it into prototypes using custom-made molds. We craft these molds in-house from CNC milled polyurethane blocks, giving us complete control over the entire process. This level of control simplifies the iteration process, enabling us to quickly progress from initial sketches to tangible prototypes. In later stages, we can enhance the prototypes’ realism by transitioning to aluminum molds.




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