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The water tap designed to change behaviour

The water tap designed to change behaviour
Red Dot Design Award iF Award

An icon to start the refill revolution

In their battle against single-use plastic Dopper approached FLEX/design to help expand their impact. Together we created the Dopper water tap. People still buy single-use plastic water bottles; it’s quick, it’s cheap and water refilling points are not always easily accessible. Designed to change behavior this iconic tap includes a droplet-shaped interface that documents your impact and celebrates your achievements. Refilling your reusable water bottle just got a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

The refill revolution

Dopper aims to combat plastic pollution with their reusable water bottle. But despite their efforts single-use water bottles are still a commonplace. How can we drive behavioural change to ensure that people buy fewer disposable bottles and can tap-up their reusable water bottle without compromise?

Designing an icon

We embarked on our journey together with Dopper. Kicking off the project with a creative workshop, we asked ourselves: how can we drive behaviour change? How can we achieve an iconic status? During this workshop we generated a range of inspiring ideas, which we developed into concepts. Supporting Dopper every step of the way, we assisted them in finding the ideal production partners and seamlessly transformed the chosen concept into a production-ready design.


But this is not just an ordinary tap – it’s a talking tap! Equipped with a smart interactive LED display, the droplet showcases witty messages that call to action. Through IoT technology it measures the reduction in plastic waste, water bottles and CO2, making it a crucial tool in promoting positive behaviour change.






Eye-catching features of the water tap

This tap stands out with its iconic and memorable design. It uses the archetype of a faucet and features the recognizable Dopper logo, represented by a blown-up droplet. The tap incorporates the Dopper “r”, bring the symbol to life. The tap is both easily noticeable and user-friendly, making it simple for everyone to make a positive impact on the environment.


Not a single drop spilt

We’re proud to have designed a drip tray that reduces water spoilage. The design took some trial and error to get it right; we experimented with different drip tray variants, made with the vacuum-forming machine in our in-house workshop until we landed the perfect design.

Throughout the design project, we created numerous prototypes, ranging from simple foam mock-ups to working prototypes.





Engineered to last

For a product designed for (semi-)public spaces, durability is the biggest driver for sustainability over its life cycle. That’s why the tap is engineered to last. Its stainless-steel frame and body can withstand serious abuse. With repair and disassembly in mind, the tap features easily replaceable and serviceable parts. At end-of-life, it can be disassembled into individual, mono-material components for refurbishment or recycling.


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