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What’s going on

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30 Mar 2020

Design Thinking for Flemish public-service broadcaster VRT

We are enjoying our close collaboration with the team of VRT Start-up to develop innovative concepts for the future of public broadcasting, using a Design Thinking approach: human-centered, integrated and fast, ‘learning by doing.’ We have been working on several new propositions for the Flemish radio and television organisation. The VRT board enthusiastically received our ”Snackable TV” concept. 

VRT Start-up is a small innovation team within the large VRT organisation, searching for exciting new concepts for media-users now, soon and in the future, with a particular focus on digital solutions. The team aims to inspire the larger VRT organisation and bring them closer to their audience. Especially among young people, new media are rapidly taking over. Their new world unfolds on their smartphones, watching the news, series, or social media. Traditional media might see this as a threat, but we believe it offers opportunities!

It’s an exciting process collaborating with the Start-up team. We use a lean start-up approach: fast design sprints, creating concepts and quickly building prototypes, and reviewing and selecting together. We test concepts with users, improve them based on the feedback and immediately test again. It’s incredible what can be done within a couple of days! In this iterative way we build services that meet the needs of the target group. It proves to be quite an effective way to innovate.

The VRT board already embraced our Snackable TV concept, a platform for high-quality short videos on the go. This app will offer a personalised stream of content depending on a user’s time available and mood. In several iterations we worked towards an interactive prototype and UX design, providing a solid base for the VRT to develop further internally.

For the development of all of the new VRT Start-up concepts, we used the Design Thinking methodology, an iterative process of short design sprints, lots of prototypes, and immediate user research in close collaboration with the VRT Start-up team. Our latest challenge deals with the subject of “Fake News”. We cannot reveal any details yet, but it’s super exciting! Please stay tuned…


Ask Robin all about this exciting project



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