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14 Jul 2014

Emergency sanitation prototype introduced

news - emergency Sanitation Operating System

news - emergency Sanitation Operating System in Context

Together with UNESCO-IHE institute for water education and we have made a giant leap forward in the emergency Sanitation Operating System (eSOS) project. Friday July 11 was the official introduction of the experimental prototype in the garden of UNESCO-IHE. The toilet will be on display for a few weeks before it will travel to the Philippines for field testing in September. Also on display is the 1:10 scale model of our design vision for the final product. This model was made by FLEX/ theWORKSHOP.

eSOS uses the power of ICT and data management to redefine the way in which sanitation solutions operate in the aftermath of a disaster. Clever sensors and other hardware feed the software with data to determine for instance the best timing and route for de-sludging.

The data collected by the toilet can be valuable on different levels like operational efficiency and quality in health care. Data of this kind has never before been collected; to provide the first data and confirm the value of it we have developed the proof-of-concept in close cooperation with UNESCO-IHE and

news - emergency Sanitation Operating System Prototype

A wide variety of features are present in this prototype so we can find out in the field if they work. We want to understand which features offer real value and how this influences the business case of emergency sanitation. Very important is to learn more about the acceptance of the concept in the specific social and cultural context.

Besides being smart, it must be safe and friendly to use. The hardware and the software to support the toilets are now up and running thanks to The usability and the look and feel of the use interface has been designed by us.

The insights gathered in the pilot will provide input for the design of the toilet in the coming phase and take it to the next level. The information will also be used to build a solid business case. Our goal is to develop a sustainable solution for a higher quality of life for people in emergency situations.

Reuters made a video item about this smart toilet, you can watch it on the Reuters Website.

Please contact Jacco if you want to learn more about this project



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