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Helping people to eat healthy

Helping people to eat healthy
Red Dot Design Award

Packaging design for a chewy fruit drink

Fruit is an important component of a healthy life style. The packaging design for a ‘chewy’ fruit drink has been the basis for a unique and very successful proposition: Hero’s Fruit2day!

Consumer insight

We were curious to find out how consumers feel about preparing and eating fruit. Therefore we used the in-house developed DesignGame ® as research and co-creation tool in the early phases of the project.

Doing consumer research in the form of a board game made us aware of how generic fruit juices are. Fresh fruit on the other hand is truly appreciated but cumbersome to store, take with you and prepare. These insights made it possible to create the unique concept of Fruit2day.

Research shows that the packaging design has been crucial to the success of Hero Fruit2day.
Alica Dekker, international marketing manager Hero

A huge success

In April 2004 Fruit2day hit the supermarket shelves. It was an instant success. There has been continuous growth and successful introductions throughout Europe and the US.


Fruit2day is a necessary component of our daily diet! In 2004 Fruit2day won the prize for the most healthy food initiative by the Dutch institute for Food. With the effective packaging design we have been able to make the lives of millions of people in Europe and the US a little healthier.