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12 Jul 2018

Modular cabinet for 3D-printers designed by young students

CLD Students

Iris van der Heide and Marije van Zwet, members of our team, were quite impressed by the secondary school students’ final presentation of our assignment for them: design a modular cabinet for 3D-printers. They both enjoyed guiding these youngsters throughout the design process.    

Amongst others CLD, a secondary school in Delft, offers a program for students with a higher interest in beta technique, Technasium. Already from their first years at school, these boys and girls have an extra subject Research & Design (O&O in Dutch). Through practical assignments commissioned by real companies, they’ll get ready for their future in technique.

To encourage a new generation of designers, we gladly volunteered to be ‘client’ and challenged four students to develop a modular cabinet for 3D-printers. In our brief, we asked them to think about essential features like positioning and storage of filament spools, modularity in case of several printers and how to reduce excessive noise keeping adequate ventilation.

Their design solutions, presented together with a 1:1 model were beyond our expectation. Congratulations to you all, you did a great job!


Check with Iris if you would like any further information

08 Feb 2019

Meet our team at Pentawards Live

Meet our team at Pentawards Live, a brand new one-day event where design, brand and technology collide. It combines a brand focused conference with an inspiring exhibition, where leading Dutch design agencies will be present alongside innovators in packaging material and technology. On Wednesday, February 13th the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal will be all about what Packaging can do for your brand.

At our stand D 1.03 at the Food by Design area on the Main Deck we’ll present our smart packaging solutions. Of course, our latest sustainable packaging solutions for Mijn Melk can’t be left out. We’re proud we could contribute to the milk revolution ‘Mijn Melk.’ Consumers can buy this pure, fair and honest dairy product directly at their local Albert Heijn supermarket. Mijn Melk does not come from a large dairy factory but straight from a farmer and even a specific cow family. Consumers buy milk from Aukje, Kitty or Cootje, with its unique taste and composition.

We love to work alongside our clients creating great new concepts for their future. Our integrated approach combining 3D and 2D design brings optimum results. The sustainable packaging for Seepje, innovative solution for the Akzo Nobel mini paint rollers, smart packaging for the young entrepreneurs of A-dam Underwear and packaging solution for the making community we developed for Ultimaker are just a few examples.

Register for free, using our registration code flexdesigninvitation and meet our team .

Cynth 150 150

Ask Cynthia about this event

21 Dec 2018

Merry Christmas and happy 2019!

2018 was an extraordinary year in many respects.
With our ambitious and enthusiastic team, we collaborated with familiar and new clients on exciting new projects with successful results, contributing to the strategic goals of these clients. Thanks to you 2018 was a great and rewarding year. Again the jury of the most renowned design awards for packaging and industrial design honored our work. We were a keynote speaker at many events and present at different fairs.

We also explored new routes in our rapidly changing world. Our Robin Hoenderdos and Jeroen Verbrugge taught successfully 40 ambitious MBA students about Design Thinking at RSM (Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University). More Smart Connected Solutions were developed for different clients.

We said goodbye to our former Creative Director Ronald Lewerissa and we welcomed new young and senior talent, now having a balanced team again, ready to step into the future. Based on our strategy’s three cornerstones – Integrated Packaging Design, Smart Connected Products and Design Thinking – we took the time to zoom in on our future and took a day out of our office designing our future together.

For now, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy this wonderful time of the year with friends and family, take some time to sit back, relax and re-think and have a bright start of a brand new year. We’re looking forward collaborating with you again, facing new challenges together. We’re ready to connect your dots again in 2019!

01 Dec 2018

LOCOletter tradition with a twist


On top of your wish-list: LOCOletter, a traditional gift with a twist for St. Nicholas’ Eve that’s Yummy!

December Fifth is St. Nicholas’ Eve in the Netherlands, a time of gift-giving and family gatherings, exchanging presents and treats, and festive songs dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Traditionally we give each other a chocolate letter, a solid chocolate initial made from dark, milk or white chocolate.

Together with our designers, Iris and Marcel, LOCOletter’s Ronald Lewerissa reinvented the traditional letter with a fun twist, a special gift for your family, friends or colleagues. Opening the packaging you’ll find 30 pieces, combining milk and white chocolate. By flipping them, you easily create all the letters of the alphabet. The initial you’re looking for is never out of stock, and even the X and Q are always available. Have a warm, creative St. Nicholas Eve! Get your LOCOletter online or at the JUMBO supermarkets.


Contact Marcel for design solutions with a twist

27 Nov 2018

Designing our future together

Last week we took a day out of our office designing our future together. Management, designers, engineers, people of our office support team and prototype-makers all gathered at De Polderij in Maassluis to think about our future. Based on our strategy’s three cornerstones – Integrated Packaging Design, Smart Connected Products and Design Thinking – we took the time to zoom in on our future.

What will our world look like in 2025? What should be our role in it? And, of course how to get there. Everyone participated actively in the brainstorm sessions, we came up with lots of ideas, made plans for the first steps to take in 2019 and designed our future together – a productive day with a great vibe, delicious lunch and a good finish with bites and beers.

We’re excited about our future with a passionate team!


Curious about our design solutions for your business? Contact Robin

21 Nov 2018

Our eSOS smart toilet revealed on World Toilet Day 2018

World Toilet Day 2018 on November 19th was all about necessary action to be taken, to ensure a safe toilet for everyone around the globe by 2030. IHE Delft is working closely together with partners around the world to make this happen.  In close collaboration with IHE, we developed the eSOS (emergency Sanitation Operating System), the first truly smart toilet. IHE proudly revealed our latest prototype on World Toilet Day 2018, which will be tested in Nairobi, Kenya within short.

Today 4.5 billion people live without a safe toilet and 892 million people practice open defecation. In disaster areas and refugee camps sanitation is a real problem. We developed the eSOS (emergency Sanitation Operating System), a connected solution for sanitation in emergency response situations under extremely harsh conditions. It provides basic hygiene to those needing it the most and at the same time collects essential data as indicators for all kinds of health issues.

Of course, there is no sewage in these situations, so sanitation depends on the use of latrines. These latrines depend greatly on emptying and cleaning on a very regular basis. Once tanks are full, they must be emptied and cleaned to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene. Our smart toilet monitors the filling level and optimizes the efficiency of cleaning and emptying. It also predicts the amount of energy, fertilizer, and water that can be regained from waste streams.

At the same time the data collected from the waste streams (urine and fecal waste) can be analyzed. We can learn things that relate to a more effective supply of food and drinking water. It may give insights in a potential threat of diarrhea and possibly the need for medical supplies.

The toilets are easily deployable in disaster areas because of their robust and light-weight specifications. They improve the quality of life of those in need in emergency situations and minimize the threat to the public health of these vulnerable people. The second prototype will be on its way to Kenya within short and will be used to get specific feedback for further optimization.


Check with Jeroen for our connected solutions

19 Nov 2018

Jeroen Verbrugge keynote speaker at FUTURE = HUMAN

On Tuesday evening November 20th our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge will be a keynote speaker at marketing event FUTURE = HUMAN. This event, organized by MeterOnline, is all about today’s consumer, who is increasingly demanding and expects a personal, human approach. The expert keynote speakers will present inspiring cases, which can help the audience to aim at their consumers with a fresh approach.

Jeroen will present the case of ‘Mijn Melk.’
We’re proud that we could contribute to the milk revolution ‘Mijn Melk,’ which is a great example of personalizing FMCG. It brings consumers closer to our farmers. The product name ‘Mijn Melk’ (Dutch for My Milk) is referring to the cows producing it. Consumers can buy this pure, fair and honest dairy product simply at their local supermarket. ‘Mijn Melk’ does not come from a large dairy factory but directly from a farmer and even a specific cow family. Consumers buy milk from Aukje, Kitty or Cootje – prominently mentioned on the label – with its unique taste and composition. The Lely Orbiter makes it all possible, which is, in fact, an innovative on-farm mini dairy factory.

MeterOnline organizes the event. It’s an association by and for marketeers with the prime target to stimulate the exchange of knowledge by organizing relevant events and meetings. Join the FUTURE = HUMAN on Tuesday evening from 5 pm to 10 pm in Mijdrecht by signing up at the MeterOnline site.

08 Nov 2018

Double GIO Special Award

Yesterday evening we joined the official GIO (Dutch equivalent for Excellent Industrial Design) awards ceremony at the beautiful Cube design museum in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. All GIO award winners gathered to celebrate and to learn which seven designs are awarded best of category: The Special Awards. We’re proud that two out of three of our GIO award-winning designs are the winner of a Special Award. The tomato dispenser we designed for Harvest House won a Special Award for Ergonomics. The jury rewarded the Lely Astronaut A5 with a Special Award for Excellence for its technical complexity, animal and user-friendliness and excellent industrial design that embodied it.

Lely builds machines and automated systems for dairy farming. We collaborate already for years and enthusiastically designed also the latest version of their milking robot, the Lely Astronaut A5, a new milestone in automatic milking. The A5 focusses on an even better cow comfort and user-friendliness for the farmer. For its design, we chose for a flowing shape and a gentle look-and-feel according to the ‘Lely Red Rule design guidelines.’ It brings a professional atmosphere and tranquillity in the stables.

For Harvest House, one of the largest growers associations specializing in salads, we designed a tomato dispenser. With the new dispenser, consumers can tap the exact right quantity of tomatoes, a big portion or just a few. In the transparent container, the tomatoes roll down via the cascade, which prevents them from damaging when they are on top of one another. The rubber conveyor belt with a diagonal pattern of studs enables consumers to dispense very accurately. For Harvest house a better continuity in tomato sales.

CUBE design museum in Kerkrade exhibits all award-winning designs for the next coming months, from November 8th 2018 to April 14th 2019.


Contact Jeroen for our innovative solutions

06 Nov 2018

Scouting the Dutch Design Week

End of October we were scouting the Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven in two teams on trends, new insights and inspiration to share later with our clients and to integrate into our projects. We enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere at this latest edition, with lots of sustainable solutions for a better future.

Our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge’s first and foremost impression was the many outspoken colors and shapes of designs exhibited at this year’s edition. Lots of bright colors in striking products and fabrics.

Our IoT specialist, Christiaan Lammens, was very enthusiastic about new ways to interact with technology: fewer LCD displays and more physical interactions with products, for instance through facial recognition, motion, touch or temperature.

Iris van der Heide, our senior designer, and packaging expert was impressed by the story Ira van Eelen presented at SUPERFAST ‘Transparency’ about Cultured (Clean) Meat as a sustainable solution for our world food problem.  It gave her food for thought

Our visit at DDW brought us lots of inspiration and new insights to integrate into our projects and share with our clients. DDW we’ll meet again next year!


Contact Christiaan for our connected solutions

31 Oct 2018

Teaching Design Thinking for successful innovation


In the past few weeks, Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge and Creative Director Robin Hoenderdos taught 35 ambitious MBA students about Design Thinking. The elective course Design Thinking, developed for the MBA Program of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, gives the students hands-on experience to use for successful innovation in their organizations.

In their everyday practice, Jeroen and Robin collaborate with a wide variety of companies to develop successful business solutions using a Design Thinking approach: human-centered, integrated, learning by doing.

Together with Dirk Deichmann of RSM, they guided a group of students from entirely different backgrounds (Marketing, Medical, Finance, Engineering, etcetera) through a rich variety of Design Thinking tools and techniques. In seven sessions they got familiar with: What is Design Thinking and when to use it? How to use design research to gather meaningful insights? How to use creativity techniques to generate innovative solutions? The students were treated to a mix of theory and practical exercises and coached on case studies from their own experience. Inspiring days with a great vibe!

Robin: “It was a joy to teach these talented people, all eager to learn new ways to innovate their industries. Some of the exercises were real eye-openers for them. We had stimulating discussions! It’s great to have this opportunity to pass on our experience to a group of future leaders. The case studies, in particular, made us realize once more that Design Thinking as an approach has so much potential – beyond just products – in any industry.”


Contact Robin if you’d like to know what Design Thinking can do for your organization.

24 Oct 2018

Meet us at the Dutch Design Week (DDW)

Don’t miss us when you’re visiting the Dutch Design Week the next couple of days! With almost 400 expositions, seminars and presentations the 17th edition of the DDW again offers lots of innovative ideas and inspiration. Enjoy our innovative designs and listen to our inspirational talks at various locations.

In HAL 4 of the ‘Klok building,’ you can admire three of our GIO (Dutch equivalent for Excellent Industrial Design) winning designs at the GIO award-winners exposition. For Lely, we designed the latest version of their milking robot, the Lely Astronaut A5, a new milestone in automatic milking. For Unilever supported start-up LESS, we developed a smart dosing system for liquid laundry detergents. The Harvest House tomato dispenser at this exposition is also a FLEX design.

On Thursday, October 25th at 13:30 our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge joins the panel discussion at the DRIVE Festival. This session will focus on the deliberate choices designers can make to create FMCG for a circular economy. Our packaging for Seepje detergents is one of the cases to be discussed. DRIVE will take over the Natlab in Eindhoven.

At ‘Het Veem’ in Strijp-S is the exhibition for the Dutch Design Awards finalists. Earlier this year the Dutch Design Awards (DDA) jury awarded our ‘Augmented Blueware’ with a Dutch Design Award 2018 in the category Best Client. The jury praised the close collaboration of Royal Delft, TWNKLS|augmented reality and FLEX/design in creating this unique concept; an exclusive tableware collection with precisely the same decoration as a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase.

Or, last but not least, join the fifth edition of SUPERFAST on Friday, October 26th, an annual event at the Dutch Design Week (DDW). It’s all about packaging, innovation, and design and organized by VNV (packaging experts) and BNO NEXTpack (brand & packaging design agencies). Specialists in the world of packaging inspire the audience with short, informative presentations. This year’s theme for Superfast is transparency. Sergio Ooijens, Head of International Marketing & Communications at Lely International, will inspire the audience with the ‘Mijn Melk’ case, an innovative concept our designers contributed to. Save the date: October 26th from 09:30 – 14:30 and buy your ticket for this inspiring event.

The Dutch Design Week 2018 is from October 20th – 28th 2018 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Cynth 150 150

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