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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

30 Oct 2017

Structural packaging for Ultimaker’s 3D-print accessories

With their 3D-printers moving more and more to a corporate environment, printer manufacturer Ultimaker needed professional packaging for their filament and spare parts. We created clever packaging that stands out, facilitates easy handling at their warehouse, is mailbox-proof for online sales and offers Ultimaker flexibility in this rapidly developing market.

Next to Ultimaker’s community of 3D-printing enthusiasts, lots of companies use their 3D-printers today. Ultimaker launched their range of filaments on branded spools (also our design), formulated to ensure the highest print quality and encourage repeat orders. They asked us for a smart packaging solution for their filament range and spare parts, like print cores and nozzles. Applied with Oak & Morrow’s brand design, we created a packaging design that helps them get their accessories to their users in the most efficient way.

For the many different printing materials in a wide range of colors, we developed two universal and straightforward foldable carton boxes for two spool sizes. It offers them quite some efficiency in logistics. The plain black-and-white packaging with premium appearance has a cutout with a neutral colored picture of a 3D-print detail, with which the packaging’s inside is fully covered. This brings the obvious advantage that any color of filament fits in. The sticker on the side reveals the inside’s details: a barcode, color, and type of printing material. Through the window at the side, you can see the filament’s color in the blink of an eye. Once the order comes in, handling is easy. New materials and colors will fit in the same packaging, which is essential in this rapidly changing market. For the spare parts, we developed a specific packaging, with specifics printed on the outside of the little box. Users, unpacking their product, are treated to a fresh, and vibrant color explosion on packaging’s inside. The box is mailbox-proof, which is vital to their online sales.

We value a long-term relationship with our clients. Together with these latest designs, we’re proud to say we created the structural packaging design for all of Ultimaker’s products. In close collaboration with their team, we developed packaging for their 3D-printers, all service packs, and accessories.

Contact Abke for our smart packaging solutions

11 May 2018

Pentaward nomination for A-dam Underwear packaging

The international Pentaward jury nominated our packaging concept for A-dam Underwear for a Pentaward 2018 in the category Body – Garments. We’ll have to await the level of the Pentaward (Nomination, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond) we’ll be holding till the official Pentawards ceremony at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on September 6th, 2018.  

Our team enjoyed collaborating with the A-dam guys creating this packaging. The five young entrepreneurs of A-dam Underwear strive to make the best men’s underwear ever made: handmade, premium quality, perfect fit and made of organic cotton only. Their former pack wasn’t good enough to support this ambition and realize significant growth. We created the new ‘tongue-in-cheek’ packaging design, which reflects and reinforces A-dam’s brand identity: stylish, modest and responsible outside, but with a brave, naughty and humorous spirit inside. Next, to a key creative conceptual spark, we managed to solve some practical issues on the structural side of the pack. On top of these quality improvements, we realized a considerable cost reduction compared to this packaging’s predecessor.

The Pentawards is recognized as the most prestigious worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. No less than 55 different categories allow any packaging to compete and be judged against similar creations. The jury selects the winners based on the creative quality and the marketing relevance. Their recently announced partnership with Easyfairs will allow them to further expand the reach of the Pentawards. Let’s keep our fingers crossed till September!


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19 Apr 2018

Take your UNA grill and enjoy spring

Finally, spring is in the air! The sun is shining, temperatures are rising; let’s go outside and enjoy together with friends or family. Don’t forget to take your UNA grill for a picknick in the park, to the beach or even on a balcony. Together with Sherif Soubra, we designed this elegant, smart, compact, portable tabletop charcoal grill.

Our challenge was to create a tabletop grill that would fit an urban lifestyle. UNA Grill revolutionizes outdoor grilling and creates an exciting social experience. This portable charcoal tabletop grill with a fresh and elegant design is made to enjoy outdoor dining year-round. Its compact design can be the center of your meal anytime, anywhere; a summer meal with friends on a garden terrace, an intimate barbecue for two on a city balcony or a picknick at the park. We created plain design full of smart solutions.

The cover comes in five fresh colors. It ensures easy, compact storage and doubles as a secure foot for the grill, just by clicking it underneath. The leather handle makes it quite easy to carry along. The grill even has two heights above the charcoal, and when reversed it has a dedicated setup for skewers. After grilling UNA is easy to clean in a dishwasher and ready for a new adventure. It is a must-have to enjoy outdoor living. UNA, let’s grill!


Ask John all about this case

16 Apr 2018

‘Augmented Blueware’, innovation of centuries-old craftmanship

It’s an exciting day for us, around this time we’ll reveal Augmented Blueware for the press. It’s presented at MASTERLY – The Dutch in Milano – during the largest design event of the world Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy from 17 – 22 April 2018.

Just imagine, your exclusive tableware with precisely the same decoration as your own unique Delft Blue vase. Royal Delft, FLEX/design, and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality make it happen, thanks to their close collaboration and clever combination of expertise.

Within the beautiful ambiance of Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milan, we’ll take you on a journey that will amaze you. It brings Royal Delftware’s heritage from 1653 into the 21st century. An innovative, state-of-art process takes off the specific decoration of a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase and transfers it to tableware with the same unique design. The owner of an ‘Augmented Blueware’ piece can create a very exclusive family tableware or an excellent wedding gift.

Every hand painted Royal Delft vase is a unique piece of Delft Blue craftsmanship. It’s a fusion of Royal Delft DNA and the signature of the master painter. Every new piece is different, but always undeniably Royal Delft. Uniqueness is central in ‘Augmented Blueware’. Thanks to modern technology the craftmanship of master painters takes centre stage. ‘Augmented Blueware’ also offers Dutch designers a contemporary, blank canvas. Frank Tjepkema had the honour to design the first Dutch Design vase. ‘Tjep’ was inspired by the decorations from traditional Delft Blue vases and gave these a new 3D dimension. The result is extraordinary and, as always, undeniably Royal Delft.

Be one of the first to experience something unique at the Dutch Pavilion. We look forward meeting you in Milan!



For more information, please contact Marcel

13 Apr 2018

Founding partner Ronald Lewerissa leaves FLEX/design


After 28 years of developing innovative ideas and smart solutions, creating over 400 products together with our team for a wide variety of clients, our Creative Director and founding partner Ronald Lewerissa leaves our agency. He has been a wonderful inspirator for all of us, our clients and many other designers. Ronald intends to identify new goals and other challenges within the field of design, where we’re lucky keeping his expertise. He leaves our agency in the trusted hands of co-founder Jeroen Verbrugge and our design team.

Last week we had our official goodbye at Plan B in Delft. Lots of former FLEX colleagues joined in and of course his dear mom, his wife Joan and his two sons. It was a special evening with warm speeches full of anecdotes, engaging conversations, lots of presents and lovely Indonesian food.

We’ll all going to miss his personality, expertise, and creativity, but we’re confident that our team is ready for a bright future, developing great new ideas for our clients. Ronald, we wish you all the best!


For any further questions, please contact Jeroen 

05 Apr 2018

Meet us at Packaging Innovations 2018

Already for the sixth time, we’ll be present at the Packaging Innovations fair. For its 2018 edition, this renowned event in packaging design has moved to a new location, co-located with Empack, from April 10 – 12 at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. You’ll have a chance to bump into us quite frequently! At our FLEX/design stand or the BNO NEXTpack stand. Get inspired by our Creative Director Marcel Verkaik’s lecture at the Pentawards Conference or check out our award-winning Seepje packaging at the Pentawards Gallery. Our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge will attend the Panel Discussion about trends and development in Recycling at the Empack.

Our team would be pleased to welcome you at our stand HK23, located at Packaging Innovations’ Living. We’ll show you our latest packaging design concepts and tell you all about our way of working alongside our clients and turning their goals into products and services that create economic, social, and environmental value. We’ll also be present at the BNO NEXTpack stand (HK19), representing the leading Dutch packaging design agencies.

At The Pentawards Conferences local and international design gurus and award-winning rock stars of the packaging design industry inspire their audience with great lectures. On April 11 at 01:45 p.m. Marcel will present The Big idea: awards and competitions as driver for creativity at Pentawards Conference Theater 1.

On Thursday, April 12 Jeroen will attend the panel discussion about the latest developments in recycling at the Empack. Designers, collectors, recyclers, and packers will talk about the most promising solutions in circular packaging.

Packaging Innovations combines a trade-event with top-level conferences. It brings together over 2.500 brand owners, marketers, purchasers and designers. For this edition Packaging Innovations is co-located with Empack, creating the biggest event in the future of packaging in The Netherlands so far. Be part of it and register for free.

Cynth 150 150

Contact Cynthia for any further questions

30 Mar 2018

Royal Delft reveals ‘Augmented Blueware’


Your exclusive tableware collection with precisely the same decoration as your own unique Delft Blue vase.

Together with our partners in this project – Royal Delft and TWNKLS|Augmented Reality – we can make it happen, thanks to our close collaboration and fusion of expertise. ‘Augmented Blueware’ brings Royal Delft heritage from 1653 into the 21st century. An innovative, state-of-art process takes off the specific decoration of a unique, hand-painted Delft Blue vase and transfers it to tableware with the same unique design. The owner of an ‘Augmented Blueware’ piece has the opportunity to create very exclusive and unique family tableware or an excellent wedding gift.

Soon we’ll tell you more about this exciting project!


Within short Marcel can tell you all about it.


29 Mar 2018

A-dam packaging design nominee for ADCN Award 2018

The ADCN jury nominated our ‘tongue-in-cheek’ packaging design for A-dam Underwear for the final round of this renown competition for creative disciplines in the category Packaging Design. The jury will announce the winners during the Awards Show on April 17 at the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam.

The right pair of undies can make your day! That’s why the five young entrepreneurs of A-dam Underwear strive to make the best men’s underwear ever made: handmade, premium quality, perfect fit and made of organic cotton only. Their former pack wasn’t good enough to support this ambition and realize significant growth. We created the new ‘tongue-in-cheek’ packaging design, which reflects and reinforces A-dam’s brand identity: stylish, modest and responsible outside, but with a brave, naughty and humorous spirit inside.

Pulling the red tab seems purely functional, but appears to be mischievous once you remove the boxer from the tray: an unexpected piece of art is unveiled. A-dam invites graphic artists to create surprising artwork, using the boxer’s tray as a canvas. Of course, there should always be a link to the signature red tab.

Next, to this key creative conceptual spark, we managed to solve some practical issues on the structural side of the pack. The large window in the white box offers consumers clear focus on the pattern design. The red tab allows more demanding shoppers to slide out a little drawer to check fabric, waistband, and size: a must have in this category. They can close it again easily without damage, which is crucial to keep it nice and tidy in stores at all times. Moreover, while sliding, a small round window at the back reveals the boxers Unique Selling Points one by one. A clever rotating metal hook outperforms many existing hanging solutions in premium look & feel, without compromising logistic efficiency. On top of all these quality improvements, we realized a considerable cost reduction compared to this packaging’s predecessor.

In total ADCN’s Professional Jury and Members Jury nominated 221 out of 996 entrees for ‘a Lamp’, across 35 categories of which 7 in packaging design. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Check with Marcel for our creative packaging solutions

16 Mar 2018

Get-together with design students from German Hochschule für Gestaltung


Recently our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge had his yearly get-together with design students from the German Hochschule für Gestaltung(HfG). This year’s hot topic was the position of Design to be at it’s very best, creating maximum added-value for our clients, consumers, and society.    

Jeroen enjoyed being ‘Gast Professor’ at the HfG in Offenbach, Germany, from 2004 – 2007. He enthusiastically shared his knowledge with the design students and got inspired by their fresh perspective on design. He kept in touch with his German colleagues ever since.

Almost every year Professor Peter Eckart visits our office with a group of students discussing hot design topics. We recently shared our thoughts amongst others about design thinking, design mindset, co-creation, IoT smart products, sketching and visualization, sustainability, etc. in a dynamic afternoon session.

We prepared an interactive presentation to get it all started and had a lively discussion about Design Thinking and our design philosophy Connecting the Dots. In our creative process we’re always in search for the ‘sweet spot’, covering the domains of user, technology and business at the same time. Design is the linking pin, pursuing an insight and user-driven approach. At the same time, Design Thinking is becoming more and more important, not just for creating products, but also for solutions for social and organizational issues. So why not let Design have its own domain next to the other three, the students wondered? At FLEX we’re convinced that Design will have a major added-value by connecting. A separate domain would lead to isolation, ending up in less effective design solutions. Some students felt more comfortable with more authority for design. The outcome is still open for the next meeting.  We’re ready for it! Sharing insights is essential for continuous development in the field of design.


Check with Jeroen for more information

15 Feb 2018

Meet us at the Industrial Design Business Fair (IOB)

At already the 20th edition of the Industrial Design Business Fair (IOB) on March 6 and 7, our team will be present to meet design students and share our passion for creativity.

You’re probably already familiar with our designs. At the fair, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our designers and engineers, who will tell you all about working at our design consultancy. They share their experience on projects we realize, brands we work for, our method of working and how we cooperate in our international design team. You’ll also have a chance to chat with this semester’s interns, telling you all about their internship at our studio.

At IOB we will give you an idea of the Flex atmosphere. For you to find out if you would fit in. Check our site for more information.

The IOB 2018 will be at the IDE faculty of TU Delft. Students looking for an internship, job or just out of curiosity can meet design agencies and other companies. During the two-day fair, you will be able to stroll around the stands of about 30 different companies. Check the IOB site for more information and the address.


Contact Iris or Marije  for more information about an internship at our studio

13 Feb 2018

Introducing Henriette Nørgaard Lauridsen

Henriette 2

We are happy to introduce the talented designers and engineers that were added to our team lately. This time designer Henriette Nørgaard Lauridsen, who we got to know as an intern.

What can you tell us about your background? I was born and raised in Denmark and have a master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Aalborg University. I encountered FLEX/design while looking for possible places to do an internship abroad and got to be part of the design team for six months in 2016. After graduating I was given the opportunity to return as a junior designer, so I packed my bags and returned to the Netherlands.

Why did you pick this field as a career? For as long as I can remember, I have been a curious problem-solver with the urge to both fix and create – resulting in everything from endless birthday and Christmas presents for relatives to insisting attempts to assist my dad at home using the plastic tools from my very first tool belt. As an industrial designer, I enjoy that I can combine my creative side with other interests; keeping both my hands and my brain busy.

Why did you choose FLEX? I like the project diversity at FLEX, as I love digging into new knowledge areas, working with different product categories as well as different stakeholders and users. I believe that this creative agility is a big part of what enables design consultancies, like FLEX, to continuously add value for both clients and end-users.

What can we expect from you? You can expect an enthusiastic young designer with a flair for understanding users and different contexts. I thrive in a collaborative setting and believe that we can build stronger designs through teamwork and a hands-on approach.

What do you like to do outside of work? Lately, I have been doing a lot of solo traveling, which often adds a new dimension to the place you visit. If I can combine traveling with sports – even better! I love music and can often be found at concerts and music festivals.

We love to meet talented people to join our team. If you’re interested in a job at FLEX, keep an eye on our job page. You’re always welcome to send us an unsolicited application at


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