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What’s going on

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14 Oct 2020

Giant leap for air-filter innovation

Euromate introduces the new DFI8500 dust filter range, which is a giant leap forward for air-filter innovation. The new range is made of innovative plastic parts (Rotomolding) instead of the traditional sheet metal units, made mainly through very labor-intensive manufacturing methods. Next to this, the new range has a powerful branding, new UX design, and lots of smart, innovative technical solutions. We started this development with the organization of an innovation session, created the initial design and are delighted with the outcome.

Euromate manufactures large, industrial air-filters to ensure a healthier working environment in production facilities and warehouses. In the summer of 2018, they came to us to help them innovating their products. To ignite their innovation and inspire the team with new insights, we prepared, organized, and executed an off-site Design Sprint. We included participants from different company divisions to ensure the proposed innovations would be supported throughout the organization, from the board to sales, from manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

First, we set out to gain insight into the product’s ambitions and goals to be created and mapped out the pros and cons of the current product line. Supported by inspirational pictures and materials, this gave direction to the development of concepts. In small groups and assisted by our creative professionals, we developed a series of concepts with new, smart functionality and the use of different materials and manufacturing techniques. Our team visualized the ideas through sketches and highlighted benefits and created the initial design proposals.

Our workshop report included cleaned up concept-drawings, a quick, initial costing analysis of the different designs, and some preliminary design studies on the most promising directions. The in-house R&D team at Euromate took these concepts and developed it further towards production.

We are delighted that we were at the conception of the new DFI8500 dust filter range and thank Euromate for a creative and fruitful co-operation!


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