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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

17 Sep 2019

Guest lecture at Amsterdam University | designing sustainable packaging

Our senior designers Willemijn Verduijn and Iris van der Heide enjoyed sharing their valuable expertise with design students at the kickoff of the minor ‘Packaging technology’ at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences last week.

Packaging Design is so much more than just creating a nice-looking pack. Our experienced designers explained to the students what structural packaging design is and what’s required to create a successful packaging. Iris and Willemijn used some relevant packaging design cases to illustrate the variety of needs and reasons for new packaging development. They gave the students insight in the different aspects that are important to make a good structural packaging design, ranging from functionality, packaging technology, and packaging cost, to communication, added value for end-users and sustainability.

Packaging and sustainability are inseparable. We believe that especially designers can – and should – make the difference in creating sustainable packaging. That’s why Iris and Willemijn shared some essential principles for developing more sustainable packaging with this future generation of designers, and they illustrated each principle by explaining a relevant packaging design case to make the theory tangible.


Check with Iris for our sustainable packaging solutions



07 Sep 2020

Hosting interactive ‘crowdstorm’ sessions at Packaging Innovations 2020

01 Sep 2020

Guest lecture at Amsterdam University | designing sustainable packaging

05 Aug 2020

Sharing our COVID-19 FLEX/mask pattern

22 Jul 2020


16 Jul 2020

Third ‘Mijn Melk’ brand launched on the market