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What’s going on

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07 Sep 2020

Hosting interactive ‘crowdstorm’ sessions at Packaging Innovations 2020

At Packaging Innovations 2020, we will be hosting two days of interactive ‘crowdstorm’ sessions with a focus on relevant themes in the packaging world. Creativity flows at one of the most significant Dutch packaging events. To encourage more interactivity in creating innovative packaging solutions, fair organizer Easyfairs invited FLEX/design to facilitate this live event in the spirit of this year’s theme ‘Welcome to our Lab.’ Our expertise in organizing creative sessions and developing smart packaging is key to make these interactive sessions sparkle. On November 18th and 19th, our FLEX/designers – together with expert ‘friends’ from client side – will be ready at the ‘Co-creation Lab’ to attack the packaging challenges of today.

These days packaging is so much more than just a safe protector of the actual product. It’s a logistical unit, a storage box, or a dispenser; a brand carrier, a silent salesman, or even an unpack experience. And at the end of the cycle, it can become waste or even a resource again. In a context that is always changing, creativity is vital to develop new and relevant packaging solutions. Packaging Innovations wanted to have an interactive format for this year’s edition of the fair. Together we have developed a unique live concept. At the ‘Co-creation Lab,’ visitors will be asked to join our team of packaging experts in phrasing sharp questions, finding creative solutions and generating new insights. Against a background of the entire packaging supply chain, we strive to stimulate an integral approach and interactivity between different stakeholders. Subjects will range from food to non-food and from sustainability to omnichannel communication.

The sessions will be fun and informal, and easily accessible. One session will take about 2 hours, but through the use of a relay style method it will only take around 10 minutes of the visitor’s time. Marcel Verkaik (creative director at FLEX/design): “We hope to unlock the creative minds of each and everyone and use the wisdom of the crowd to generate new valuable insights. We have invited some expert ‘friends’ from Philips to widen the horizon and together we will cluster ideas, build on them and visualize the outcome. After the fair, the participating visitors will receive a one-pager with inspiring thoughts and sketches.”

On November 18th and 19th, Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam will be a COVID-19 proof meeting place for everyone involved in creating innovative, commercial packaging. Don’t miss this inspiring event. We’ll keep you informed!


Please get in touch with Marcel if you’re interested in our creative sessions



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