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What’s going on

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23 Dec 2020


December is always an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past year. Thanks to your trust in us and the fantastic projects we did together, we look back on 2020 with pride. And, we look forward to a prosperous 2021 with confidence.

2020 of course was a remarkable year, because all of our lives were completely turned upside-down. Working together within our team, with our clients and suppliers, was a serious challenge to say the least. Besides working on the projects with you, we also contributed to projects combatting the virus. Mostly working from home, we looked for new and optimal (digital) ways to develop smart, creative solutions, and we are very happy we succeeded!

We should not overlook the positive aspects that the current situation brings as well. Our planet gets the chance for a breather, isolating at home gives us an opportunity to contemplate, we discover new ways of working together creatively, we take better care of each other and our appreciation for people working in the heath-sector and other vital areas has changed forever. This all will nurture more respect, social cohesion and a more sustainable future.

Hopefully 2021 will bring back some of our freedoms. Imagine… being able to meet with family and friends, shake hands and hug each other again. We will once again be able to get inspired outside the confines of our own house or office. And of course we will be able to physically work together with clients, because it will be better to be really together!

For now, our whole team wishes you happy holidays. Have a great time with your family, stay safe and stay healthy!



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