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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

21 Nov 2019

Introducing our interns

This semester we again have three interns in our team. All with very different backgrounds, but they all share great enthusiasm and unbridled passion for design. We love working with these talents; they bring a fresh vibe and come up with surprising new ideas. They learn a great deal about various aspects of the design process as a member of one of our teams.

Femke is doing her master Integrated Product Design at the TU Delft. What she loves most in design is the hands-on approach: “Making mock-ups makes ideas real, and you’re able to test it in the field.” During her earlier bachelor Industrial Design at the TU in Eindhoven, she learned a more holistic and human-centered design approach. In Delft, she combines this holistic approach with more traditional design skills, such as sketching, material knowledge, mechanisms, manufacturing, and product embodiment. Design fascinates her because each project is like a puzzle to solve. With a wide variety of projects at our studio, she can explore new fields and cooperate and learn within a team of creative people for each new project, according to Femke.

German Eva just finished her bachelor Integrated Product Design at the University of Applied Science Coburg this summer. One step earlier in her study compared to Femke, she also found her way to our studio. She has a passion for classic product design, developing the technical side of products, such as mechanical solutions or mechanisms, but also smart shapes. Her challenge is creating user-centered solutions, which are also in line with the client’s goals. She chose our studio for our technology-oriented projects, with elegant shapes. She grew up on a farm, so our agricultural projects got her special attention. Eva: “I am happy to work in such a creative environment with kind and open-minded colleagues. The perfect base to feel comfortable and be creative in every way”.

Borre studies in the graduate year of his study Industrial Product Design in De Hague. The challenges and unsolved problems we face every day inspire him. Finding solutions for even the smallest problems can be very rewarding, says Borre. Or, think big, and focus on the challenge of solving global issues such as changing consumers’ mentality towards a more sustainable lifestyle. His motivation to choose for our studio is our integrated design solutions. Borre:” Flex challenges me to keep thinking out of the box and helps me find solutions that are smart and sustainable.”

We enjoy working with these enthusiasts and offer internships for talented design students who want to experience our world of design and who strengthen our design studio. During your internship, you will be an integral member of one of our teams. You will have a unique chance to learn about various aspects of the design process. Are you interested in an internship at our studio? Be quick! We’re still looking for a talented design student for next semester. Please check our job page.


Any questions? Please check with Iris.



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