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What’s going on

What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

19 Nov 2018

Jeroen Verbrugge keynote speaker at FUTURE = HUMAN

On Tuesday evening November 20th our Managing Director Jeroen Verbrugge will be a keynote speaker at marketing event FUTURE = HUMAN. This event, organized by MeterOnline, is all about today’s consumer, who is increasingly demanding and expects a personal, human approach. The expert keynote speakers will present inspiring cases, which can help the audience to aim at their consumers with a fresh approach.

Jeroen will present the case of ‘Mijn Melk.’
We’re proud that we could contribute to the milk revolution ‘Mijn Melk,’ which is a great example of personalizing FMCG. It brings consumers closer to our farmers. The product name ‘Mijn Melk’ (Dutch for My Milk) is referring to the cows producing it. Consumers can buy this pure, fair and honest dairy product simply at their local supermarket. ‘Mijn Melk’ does not come from a large dairy factory but directly from a farmer and even a specific cow family. Consumers buy milk from Aukje, Kitty or Cootje – prominently mentioned on the label – with its unique taste and composition. The Lely Orbiter makes it all possible, which is, in fact, an innovative on-farm mini dairy factory.

MeterOnline organizes the event. It’s an association by and for marketeers with the prime target to stimulate the exchange of knowledge by organizing relevant events and meetings. Join the FUTURE = HUMAN on Tuesday evening from 5 pm to 10 pm in Mijdrecht by signing up at the MeterOnline site.


19 Jul 2019

Augmented Blueware at Dutch Design Award exhibition

Augmented Blueware revealed

12 Jun 2019

New Moisture Absorber for Bolton Adhesives

06 Jun 2019

Creative Director Marcel Verkaik speaker at NIMA Marketing Day

17 May 2019

NL Packaging Award 2019 for ‘Mijn Melk’

NL Packaging Award 2019 for Mijn Melk

16 May 2019

Robin Hoenderdos keynote speaker Packaging Innovation Programme

Creative Director Robin Hoenderdos at PIP