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What’s going on

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17 Oct 2019

Join SUPERFAST #6 ‘Challengers’ and get inspired


Join the sixth edition of SUPERFAST, an annual event at the Dutch Design Week (DDW). It’s all about packaging, innovation, and design and organized by VNV (packaging experts) and BNO NEXTpack (brand & packaging design agencies). Speakers from different fields inspire the audience with short, informative presentations. This year’s theme for Superfast is ‘Challengers.’ SUPERFAST #6 is at Natlab, Eindhoven, on October 25th, from 09:30 – 14:00.

The speakers will lead the audience ‘superfast’ through their world of expertise; 10-minute presentations around the theme ‘Challengers.’ Who are these challenging companies, and what drives them? Start-ups are often a challenge for the established order; they accelerate faster and embrace new trends. What are their challenges and choices to make? It’s interesting to learn from their experience. Next to that, multinationals create their challengers: innovative rebels that operate independently. But also, new sustainable materials can be challenging and show us a new perspective.

Speakers from Sheltersuits, Bambooder, AH, Farmbrothers, Picnic, Vibers, Preinerspitzer, LOOP, Terracycle, and a role for Harry Starre, and our Jeroen Verbrugge. Presented by Marsha Simon and visualized by Sanne Boekel. SUPERFAST is for marketeers, design managers, designers, packaging specialists, design agencies, and students.

Save the date: October 25th from 09:30 – 14:00 at Natlab, DDW in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and buy your tickets (please note the presentations are all in Dutch)


Ask Cynthia if you would like to know more about SUPERFAST



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