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What’s going on

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30 Jun 2020

MOYO® packaging nominated again

Our MOYO® packaging has been nominated yet again for a packaging design award!  Also the jury of the NL Packaging Awards 2020 chose our sunny, upbeat MOYO® line-up for the final round of this renowned Dutch competition in the category Food Fresh. OD Designstudio took responsibility for the concept, cheerful graphics, and branding, we optimized the structural design of sustainable packaging.  

Together with OD Designstudio, we created an outstanding, cheerful packaging design for Looye Kwekers’ MOYO® snack tomatoes for kids. We created upbeat, bright-colored 100% cardboard boxes with twelve different designs, bundled together as three 80 grams packs, a perfect size for on the go. The round openings without any plastic clearly show the tomatoes. The dispenser lid enables kids to take one out or share their sweets with friends and family. Nice twist: by opening and closing the lid, they can give the eyes of MOYO® a different expression. The questions on the inner side of the cap will trigger them to think about the product.

Congrats to the teams at OD and Looye, and thanks for a great collaboration. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for a while. The organization chooses for an award show in February 2021, announcing all winners in each category and celebrate packaging design.


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