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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

12 Jun 2019

New Moisture Absorber for Bolton Adhesives

For Bolton Adhesives – with brands like UHU, Bison and Airmax – we developed a new series of moisture absorbers that target condensation, moisture and stale smells in areas with little or no ventilation. We started this project focused on cost reduction, necessary in its highly competitive market. The final product offers so much more: Lots of new smart functionalities and a huge step forward for consumers, the environment and the brand. The new moisture absorbers in two sizes are now available on the Italian market and soon in other European markets.

Improved user experience for consumers
The upper part’s open structure ensures maximum airflow, leading to an optimized absorption capacity. The safety snaps enable an easy fixation and prevent the upper-part from coming loose, which would lead to a serious mess. Consumers have quick visibility on performance and timing to empty the container through the clear filling indicator in the lowest transparent part. The safety rim inside the blue part prevents water from spilling while moving the absorber. The multifunctional grid makes this moisture absorber suitable for all refill types: tabs, sachets and crystals.

A sustainable choice
Thanks to smart design solutions – using a double-walled construction for this new device – we succeeded in achieving the same strength with a 30% thinner layer of plastic. One of our design team’s challenges was logistic efficiency. We created a shape for this new device that’s far better stackable compared to its predecessor, leading to a considerable improvement in transport efficiency and a resulting reduction in emission.

For the brand
Introducing this new device with definite consumer advantages to communicate will lead to a trade impulse. We helped them realize a cost-efficiency using 30% less plastic, enabling them to offer the device at a fair price in a highly competitive market.


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