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What’s going on

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11 May 2020

Our PostNL postal aids still on the road

In these harsh times, we ran into a happy mailwoman in front of our office, carrying parcels and mail in her PostNL bags and ‘Postman’ bicycle cart. About ten years ago already, we developed a set of ergonomic aids for PostNL that are all related to each other and work together to create an optimal working environment for postal workers. The bags and cart are part of this logistic system and help our mail carriers to do their job more efficiently and ergonomically. We are happy to hear that our postal aids are still in the field and working satisfactorily.

Generally speaking, the delivery of mail is heavy work. Especially these days, PostNL is confronted with a radically increasing number of online orders and parcels that need a safe and quick delivery. A mail carrier delivers mail and packages often in areas with relatively dense population, combining walking and riding his/her bike. The Postman bicycle trolley is a great help. The mailman attaches the cart to the bike and can also disconnect and push it to deliver parcels or mail while walking. Without this trolley, the mailman can only carry a limited amount of mail. Pushing the Postman, he/she can carry more and in a more convenient way. The Postman makes this work significantly lighter, preventing physical problems. The mailmen ride their own bikes, so there is no need for PostNL to invest in special bikes.

We are pleased to learn that mail carrier Esther is quite happy with her Postman, which may very well be a result of our profound user insights when developing this trolley. Our team actually worked as postal workers at that time for several days a week to experience their working environment. We wish Esther and her colleagues many safe deliveries in the coming period.


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