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What’s going on

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02 Apr 2020

Our Team helps fighting COVID-19

We just learned that our government extended all measures aiming for maximum control of the COVID-19 virus until and including April 28th. We’ll have to unite to tackle this horrible virus that dominates our world these days.

Amid this unprecedented situation, people start a lot of beautiful and valuable initiatives helping to fight this crisis. Significant initiatives like converting a cheap Decathlon snorkeling mask into a ventilator with 3D printed components. Or sewing studios that are producing extra surgical masks. Students are creating self-built artificial respiration devices.

Of course, our FLEX team loves to contribute, using our creativity, knowledge, expertise, and production facilities. During a remote brainstorm session on Miro, we not only focused on short-term solutions, but we were also looking at valuable concepts for our future. For example, we were wondering if we would be able to create a hygienic and relevant alternative for the disposable masks. What about the shop floors; should we initiate changing the rather tight isles? Could we develop a user-friendly packaging solution that would contribute to intensifying a smoothly running self-test for the COVID-19 virus and immunity for it? This brainstorm was our first step in this process. We’ll keep you posted regularly on our progress. Stay tuned…..

We’ll have to unite to control this virus!



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