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What’s going on

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05 Dec 2019

SKF portable induction heater | smart product design

SKF Maintenance Products introduces the SKF portable induction heater, made for mounting roller bearings in industrial applications. In collaboration with HedoN Electronic Developments we developed this smart, innovative, and portable solution for heating bearings. It combines the latest techniques with smart design solutions leading to a new generation of induction heaters. It heats the bearing exactly where needed, is compact, portable and lightweight, with an easy to read display to create an excellent workability.

Crucial for the outstanding end-result is our close collaboration with HedoN from the very beginning of this project. HedoN came up with the idea to use ‘a rings induction technique’ to heat up bearings: using six coils instead of one, that can be switched on and off independently, and enables the user to heat up bearings from different sizes exactly where it’s needed. It facilitates a low temperature difference between the inner and outer ring of the bearing, reducing the internal tension that can lead to damage. Catching this technical innovation in a workable, portable product for the end-users was quite a challenge. That’s where we came in.

Together we determined the set of requirements. Our engineers came up with smart solutions to integrate the technology into an appealing, functional design. Next to the technical challenge to incorporate the PCB, a few requirements defined the heater’s shape: a large surface, a user display on top and its portability. The biggest bearing size of 32 centimetres asks for a large round surface. Underneath, a thick pack of coils, actively cooled by a fan. To detect the measured values at a glance the display’s position is on top. Our designers defined its shape and the necessary buttons. We searched for lightweight material that could hold a 20 kgs bearing and integrated a handle to make the heater easily portable. We managed to incorporate all requirements, functional stuff and other smart details in an appealing, blue, recognizable SKF housing. Ergonomically it delivers great improvement for the user.

Thanks to our close collaboration with electronics developer HedoN all parts got a ‘smart position’. Together we managed to develop a heater with innovative heating, that’s compact, portable and lightweight, with an easy to read display to create excellent workability.


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