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What’s going on

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22 Oct 2019

Two Special Awards for Excellence for our designs

We’re very proud that two of our GIO (Dutch equivalent for Excellent Industrial Design) award-winning designs are the winner of a Special Award for Excellence! At the official GIO Awards ceremony at FIFTH in Eindhoven, all GIO award winners excitingly awaited to learn which five designs the jury awarded best of category: The Special Awards for Excellence. In two out of five categories our designs were the winners. A special thanks to all teams for a great collaboration!

The jury awarded the Dunlop® Snugboot with a Special Award for Design. They praised the blend of technical innovation with esthetic design elements, like the combination of materials, detailing, and robustness together with softness. Along with the Dunlop team, we managed to realize the first working boot with superior comfort and safety for (semi) professional users. Earlier, the jury of renowned international design awards rewarded the Snugboot: a Red Dot Design Award 2019 Product Design and an iF Award 2019.

The Kverneland iXTrack T won a Special Award for Ergonomics. The trailed sprayer launched by the Kverneland Group was designed around the needs of the farmer. It combines compact design with high-tech electronics, excellent user-friendliness, and a dynamic appearance. The jury was specifically impressed by the integrated design of the tank, a logical build-up of essential parts, ideally within reach for the farmer. 

Admire our GIO 2019 award-winning designs at the Dutch Design Week (DDW)| HAL 3 of Klokgebouw in Eindhoven from October 19th – 27th! With nine days|2600 designers|120 locations|450 events, the DDW is the largest design event in Northern Europe.


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