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What’s going on

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20 Aug 2019

Big Green Egg Cast Iron Satay Grill – creating user benefits and branding

At Big Green Egg’s Flavour Fair 2019, the Dutch EGG team presented the Cast Iron Satay Grill to the public. The specially designed half grid enables you to prepare the perfect satay on your Big Green Egg. No wobbling, half-cooked or flaming skewers, but nice and evenly cooked satay, crispy on the outside and juicy within. Our creative director, Marcel Verkaik, proudly attended to feel and hear the crowd’s very enthusiastic reactions for his team’s design at first hand.

Smoke, roast, steam, bake or gill, the possibilities of the US origin Big Green Egg are endless. Cooking professionals and BBQ enthusiasts are a fan for life thanks to the unparalleled great taste it delivers. The different European food culture motivated Wessel Buddingh – the owner of Big Green Egg Europe – to develop the perfect grill for satay, a must-have for the Dutch EGG fans.  Chef Wilfred Tegelaar came up with a great idea and even made a steel prototype. Our design team translated it into a cast iron grill with just the right functionalities and which blends perfectly within the Big Green Egg range.

It’s a high quality, 100% Dutch made grill of indestructible cast iron with the recognizable Big Green Egg logo, designed for the large EGG. The specific design prevents the bamboo skewers from burning and even lets you pick them up from the EGG without gloves. The higher grill part ensures a more even cooking for perfect satay, crisp on the outside and deliciously juicy on the inside. The half grid makes room for other dishes on the EGG’s grill. Expecting a big crowd? With two Satay Grills, the entire surface of the EGG is covered to prepare twice as much.

Big Green Egg’s Flavour Fair held each year, is the food event for Big Green Egg fans! They enjoy the atmosphere, join the workshops, and get inspired by the many delicious recipes the dozens of famous chefs are preparing on the EGGS. For one day, the fans are immersed in the world of Big Green Egg.


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