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What’s going on

The latest news and products from FLEX.

06 Jul 2021

Lely Sphere | Nominee Dutch Design Award 2021

We’re super proud that the jury selected Lely Sphere as one of the three nominees for a Dutch Design Award (DDA) 2021 in the category product.

Lely Sphere is the next step to more sustainable dairy farming. It is a circular manure-handling system that separates mineral streams and converts nitrogen emissions into valuable fertilizers. Together with the Lely engineers we designed an essential part of it, the Lely Sphere N-Capture.

Our team created the design for this impressive, fully rotomolded product. We enjoyed working on this combination of product design with architectural elements, resulting in a unit that is an integral part of the barn.

In October, all DDA-nominees will present their work at the DDA exposition at the Dutch Design Week (DDW) 2021. During that same week, the award winners will be announced. Thanks, Lely-team, for another fruitful collaboration. We are ready for the next ‘big idea’ in future farming.


Ask Hugo if you would like to know more about our big ideas for agriculture.



06 Jul 2021

Lely Sphere | Nominee Dutch Design Award 2021

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