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Interactive packaging design for Philips Hue

Interactive packaging design for Philips Hue
Pentawards GIO The Dieline Package Design Award

Bringing a story to life without words

For the innovative Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system we designed interactive packaging that invites you to experience and play with the system in store.

Control lamps with a smartphone

With the Hue system Philips emphasizes its position as the world’s leading provider of innovative lighting solutions. Hue is an innovative proposition that allows consumers to wirelessly change the colors of their lamps by using their smartphones. They can adjust the lighting in their homes to match their moods or tasks.

For us the objective was to reflect the playful and interactive character of the system in the design of the packaging.

A unique & engaging way to bring the product benefit to life via the package
Raf de Geyter - Jury Pentawards

How to tell a story without words?

The packaging strongly conveys the story of playful interactivity by making use of a color wheel: an intuitive way to explain the system without words. People can change the color of the die cut lamp by turning the wheel. This invites them to interact with the packaging in stores and to experience the concept.

In store you can also open the pack to learn more about the system and discover the main components. On the inside the back of the wheel guides you through the easy 3-step installation process.



One thing that immediately stands out is the packaging. It’s very well designed and eye-catching
Blogger op
One of the first Hue unboxing videos on Youtube

Design effectiveness

Shortly after the introduction of the system dozens of unboxing videos were popping up on Youtube. In almost all these videos the color wheel is used to explain what you can do with Hue. A great example of the important role packaging can play in the marketing mix.


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