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What’s going on

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29 Oct 2020

Introducing our three interns

Despite the exceptional situation at this moment, we have three interns in our team this semester. It’s superb how these talents deal with it! All with very different backgrounds, they share great enthusiasm and unbridled passion for design. We love working with these talents; they bring a fresh vibe and come up with surprising new ideas. It’s about time to hear their stories.

24-year old Rebecka comes from Stockholm (Sweden) and studies Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University. With too many interests, the biggest one is to learn new things, she says. That’s what brought her to our studio. Design allows her to combine her interests with work through a wide variety of different projects. Combining doing something you like and something you learn keeps you driven. She loves traveling, cooking, working in the garden, and playing games/having cozy nights with family and friends.
Rebecka: “I’m really happy for this spot at FLEX/design, and with support from all nice colleagues, I see a great opportunity to develop as a designer and get valuable insights into the profession. I appreciate my time here, and I hope I can contribute with some good in return!”

In his third year at IPO on the HHS in the Hague, Dutch Barend is studying industrial product design. Coming from an MBO study where he learned many hands-on skills, he’s now challenged on a different level. He loves the journey of creating something that’s solving a problem. Sports, and especially team sports, are an essential part of his life. Next to that, he enjoys board/pub games with friends.
Barend:” I’m at my very best when I’m part of a group/team. That’s why I enjoy my internship at FLEX\design. You’re an equal team member, and get the opportunity to explore different techniques, learn all about the design process, and how to get to the best result out of a project”.

Studying industrial design engineering at TU Delft, Jeroen is with us already since early July.
Jeroen: “Despite all limitations at the moment, the atmosphere at Flex remains great. During the past few months, I have been able to apply and vastly improve the skills I developed during my education at TU Delft. For example, my surface modeling skills have greatly improved with some great colleagues’ help, as have my sketches with the guidance of another talented colleague. The wide range of design activities like researching, sketching, coding, and 3d modeling combined with various projects, from small consumer products and packaging to agricultural products, has helped me better understand both the design world and my own goals as a designer. I’m looking forward to the last few months of my internship and improving a lot more during this time”.

We enjoy working with these enthusiasts and offer internships for talented design students who want to experience our design world and strengthen our design studio. During your internship, you will be an integral member of one of our teams. You will have a unique chance to learn about various aspects of the design process. Are you interested in an internship at our studio? Be quick! We’re still looking for a talented design student for next semester. Please check our job page.


Contact Iris if you have any questions about our internships



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