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What’s going on

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17 May 2019

NL Packaging Award 2019 for ‘Mijn Melk’

We’re proud that the jury rewarded our packaging for Mijn Melk (translation for My Milk) with an NL Packaging Award 2019 in the category Food Fresh. At the official awards ceremony on May 16th, the jury announced the winners and runner-ups in 13 different categories. Many thanks to all project team members that contributed.  We enjoyed collaborating with you all on this exciting project.

‘Mijn Melk’ (translated My Milk) is unique in taste and composition, being supplied directly from the farmer to the supermarket without any intermediate steps. Milking robots in the stables recognize the animals and send their milk over to the Lely Orbiter; a mini dairy factory on the farm. Here the milk from cow families Aukje, Kitty, Cootje, Moevken is pasteurized, bottled and labeled separately. The consumer can choose his/her favorite daily fresh milk at the supermarket. ‘Mijn Melk’ brings a radical change in the logistic chain; a delivery of milk directly from a farmer to 500 affiliates of the largest Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn.

In close collaboration with Lely and other experts, our team developed the format, the design, the proposition, the name and branding of this premium product’s packaging that embodies this extraordinary story. The bottle’s iconic design refers to the good old glass milk bottles, definitely a premium quality product in the perception of consumers. The aluminum cap contributes to a truly ‘premium’ feel and craftsmanship. Our designers chose a transparent, recycled PET bottle, which is easy to recycle and causing minimum harm to our environment. Long-term collaborator Danny Klein helped us with the right graphic touch; a floating neck label that proudly mentions the names of the selected cow families, even showing their portraits. A seal closing the bottle’s cap mentions the date of filling and expiration date. There’s even a reference on the label to the site where you can follow the milking of the cows. It brings consumers closer to the farmers, to the origin of a pure, honest and truly fresh dairy product.

Comments of the NL Packaging Awards jury: This submission is immediately reminding of the countryside and grazing cows. The design feels a bit old fashioned, even a bit provincial, though nicely and stylishly. It has a beautiful appearance. The aluminum cap is quite a good choice. In short, it’s a great packaging and the rightful winner.


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