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What’s going on

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16 Aug 2018

Red Dot Award for Seepje

We’re proud that the Seepje laundry detergent packaging is again awarded! The Red Dot jury awards Seepje with a Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 in category Packaging Design. Each year the international jury judges many submissions from all over the world and rewards the best creative work with this renowned award. We developed the packaging for the wonderful young laundry enthusiasts of fairtrade brand Seepje. On October 26th the entrepreneurs Melvin and Jasper will officially receive the award at the Red Dot Gala at the ‘Konzerthaus’ in Berlin.

Generous Minds helped Seepje’s young entrepreneurs with their business strategy and asked us to develop an iconic bottle that would help Seepje to scale up for retailers like Albert Heijn. We came up with the archetypical shape of a soap block, of course, a wink to clean. Its plain design stands out on the shelves, which are filled with a profusion of shapes and colors. The soap block shape, pastel colors and soft touch all refer to softness.

In line with the packaging’s content: a sustainably produced detergent, we made deliberate choices in our design process. The bottle’s shape ensures a secure grip for users and reduces the use of material compared to regular detergent handles. At the bottom, you can read that they are made out of recycled HDPE plastic. The labels are easily detachable, to help consumers separate waste.

The key ingredient of these detergents is an extract of the peels of the Sapindus Mukurossi fruits from India and Nepal. These ‘super peelings’ contain a natural kind of soap, which is released when exposed to water. Pulverized by the farmers, it’s turned into a liquid extract once it’s in The Netherlands. Seepje is collaborating with the local farmers , who take care of harvesting and processing these peelings in a socially responsible way. Seepje aims to ‘wash the world cleaner and more beautiful.’

In 2017 the Seepje packaging won an NL Packaging Award 2017 and a Silver Pentaward 2017. Furthermore, we recently  learned that we are nominated for a ‘Gouden Noot’ 2018.


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