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What’s going on

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16 Jun 2020

Sharing our COVID-19 FLEX/mask pattern

We are proudly sharing our COVID-19 FLEX/mask sewing pattern. As you have seen, there are already a lot of designs out there. We dived into research and vast amounts of testing with varying patterns to pinpoint the most effective, ergonomic and easy to sew mask.

The FLEX/mask can be tailored to fit any individual and is super easy to produce. With the detailed and nicely illustrated instruction, even beginners will succeed! Most importantly, you can customize your cover as you like. It comes in three different sizes as well as a size guide. The simple 3D shape adapts to every individual face for the best and most effective fit. Include a wire for the best nose fit and put in a filter for max effectiveness. As you might know, a mask will help to protect others from getting infected by you. Please, wear it when needed.

The fun-part: customize your mask using an unlimited amount of prints and fabric designs. Just make sure it is non-elastic, fine woven cotton that can handle a wash at least at 60 degrees. Use your old favorite shirt, your dress with that unique story, the curtains of your grandmother or stitch a smiley!

Let’s stay positive in these uncertain times, and put a smile on someone’s face.

Download our pattern for free

Start sewing one for yourself, your family, your sports team, or your friends. Don’t forget to share your story with us by using #flexdesignmask on Instagram.

Be creative, Be helpful, Spread positivity!


Thank you for sharing your creation at #flexdesignmask on Instagram



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Sharing our COVID-19 FLEX/mask pattern

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