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23 Oct 2020


For the third consecutive year, we’re the winner of the GIO Special Award for Ergonomics! This year the GIO-jury awarded our design for Mimic®, a new revolutionary bottle-feeding concept, with this Special Award for Excellence. In total, the jury awarded six designs with this best of category award. Thanks to our close collaboration with the Mimic® team and other experts, we were able to create something extraordinary for young parents and their newborns.

The jury chose Mimic® as a winner because of its unique dosing system with smart cups. It ensures the new parents of giving their baby precisely the right amount of milk formula tailored to age and weight. And besides, the ingenious system prevents additional air from being mixed into the milk, preventing abdominal cramping with the baby.

Super Smart cups
The system’s patented, smart cups are the heart of this system. Already for years, baby bottle brands attempted to solve the cramps and reflux issues with bottles for our newborns. When drinking from the mother’s breasts, there is no such risk of inhaled air, causing these problems. The Mimic system is mimicking the drinking technique from the mother’s breast. The ultrathin-walled thermoformed polypropylene cups flip gently towards the drinking opening creating a neutral inner air pressure during the whole drinking sequence. Thanks to these unique flipping properties of the cup, the baby can drink in peace. The tactile, sympathetic design of the Mimic® bottle facilitates the proper functioning of the smart cup.

Parents are no longer struggling to scoop just the right amount of milk powder out of the container into their baby’s bottle. The cups contain just the right quantity of milk powder with all nutrients needed for optimal growth and development.

Creativity, technical expertise, material knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm, and persistence led to a unique and patented collapsible cup, which forms the basis for this extraordinary concept. Thanks and congrats to everyone involved! Admire our GIO 2020 award-winning designs at this year’s virtual edition of the Dutch Design Week (DDW).


Ask Jeroen for details of this extraordinary project



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